Cognitive Communication Consulting


Neurobiological principles explain the concept of “situational, inclusive, effective leadership”. Our thinking determines our behavior in every day’s life. Strengthening our mental health is the key to success.

How does our brain work?
Which heuristics and mental shortcuts are fast but often unreliable?
Which heuristics do we need to solve problems?
How do we strengthen our mental health?


Syntax and semantics of communication support the understanding of others.

Communication only becomes effective when attention is
– focused on one point,
– oriented outwards towards others,
– concentrated inwards to yourself.

The others one will only allow you to assist or guide them once they have given you the emotional authorization to do so.

Consulting and Guiding

Find your balance in leadership!
I give you information, practices, and guidance on


How can I lead myself effectively?
Which cognitive patterns determine my thoughts and actions?
How do I reduce static thinking and how do I strengthen flexible, agile thinking?

Team leadership

Which leadership methods do I prefer today, which will I need to lead my team efficiently and effectively tomorrow?

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Dr. Jutta Nübel
Mobile: +49 176 80689621