Exchange with an expert or discussions with an experienced leader. This is your place for diverse perspectives. 1:1 sessions between mentee (“wants to learn more”) and mentor (“wants to contribute experience”) encourages the personal and professional growth of the mentee. Mentoring is goal-oriented and success-oriented, it is a temporary relationship.

The matching is short and intensive. Both, mentee and mentor check whether the partnership is suitable or not. If it fits, the next step is to state a commitment. At the end of this phase, the goal is precisely formulated, the communication rules are agreed and the organizational framework is defined

Now we get started. Structured discussions with a smart mix of methods take place according to an agreed schedule. Or the mentor provides immediate support when the mentee calls for help. An evaluation takes place at the end of the mentoring process. Both, mentee and mentor reflect and evaluate what has been achieved. Appreciative and constructive feedback is founded on “give and take”. The official farewell is an important ritual.